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Train with Steve & Evan

Are you an eCommerce entrepreneur trying to take your business to the next level? Then our Mastermind retreats are just what you need. These retreats provide the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals who walk the walk. Limited group sizes ensure that each attendee gets one-on-one attention to address your unique business challenges and opportunities. From merchant account issues to sourcing challenges and team building, we draw from our own experiences to help you make changes that will lead to lasting success. Great food, luxury accommodations, and networking with other entrepreneurs are just the icing on the cake!

Train with Steve & Evan

One-on-one Hot Seat Session

Every business is unique — so shouldn’t you get advice tailored to your needs? During this one-on-one session, we’ll go through your business model to offer specific advice on what you can fix or improve to better scale your business. This session is 100% focused on you and your eCommerce brand.

How to scale Facebook Ads to the moon

Facebook remains one of the biggest global advertising platforms — but successfully scaling your ad campaigns is often easier said than done. We’ll take a deep dive into best practices and common pitfalls of Facebook advertising so you can scale your campaigns and drive new traffic to your eCommerce site.

How to build a superstar team

An eCommerce company is only as strong as the people behind it. We’ll help you understand the many elements that go into building a superstar team. From finding and identifying quality candidates to improving employee retention, these tools will allow you to improve productivity and growth.

Super High Level Product Research

The right products can make or break an eCommerce store. By demonstrating how we perform our own product research, we’ll help you learn to identify revenue-generating products, as well as strategies to lower production costs and ensure high-quality results for your customers.

Super Networking Opportunity

Each Mastermind retreat provides the opportunity to engage with other dedicated eCommerce professionals. This is a great time to learn from your peers and form new connections — you might even meet a future business partner!

Risk Diversification

Continually shifting market interests, logistical challenges, and other unexpected events can pose a serious threat to your company’s long-term success. Drawing from our own past successes and failures, we’ll help you identify essential risk diversification strategies to ensure future business stability.

All Pillars Ecommerce

At our Mastermind retreats, our goal is to help you gain greater mastery of all pillars of a successful eCommerce business. We guarantee that you’ll achieve a significant ROI by participating in this high-level retreat. Whether you’re able to save 6 figures by tweaking your structure or scale your ad campaigns to drive up revenue, you’ll be amazed at how Mastermind can transform your business.