Evan Tan

Using his own entrepreneurial successes with Shopify dropshipping and Facebook ads, Evan hosts events to train and mentor other entrepreneurs wishing to achieve financial freedom through their eCommerce business.

  • Early Days of Getting By

    Evan’s younger years have been excessively spent playing video games with his brother Steve. They were so preoccupied with the virtual world that they didn’t care how much time they were wasting, as long as they are sitting in front of the screen, dominating every video game there is. As they grew more and more crazy about the virtual world, their mother became more and more disappointed with them, almost losing her hope that the brothers will ever make it in life.


  • Changed Perspective

    Having been fed up with the brother’s unproductive ways, their mother confronted them to finally have a long and heartfelt discussion, making them reach a realization that changed the Tan brother’s outlook in life. Their mother said, "If you’ve always wanted to be the best in the virtual gaming world, why not be the best in the real world instead?" From then on, Evan and Steve ditched all their video games and plunged into the real-world challenge of making money online.


  • The Beginning of Super Tan Brothers

    Evan had always supported Steve’s eCommerce projects before - helping on the sidelines. However, his main focus is on completing his BA degree in International Business, so it wasn’t until 2016 that he was able to come on board for his full-time support. From then on, they’ve commenced on their entrepreneurship journey as brothers and partners and started making their way to the top. Where Steve became the visionary - the mind and strategist of the business, Evan became the executioner - responsible for making things happen no matter what. A truly indestructible pair.


“We love the business model we use because the only limit on it is your knowledge and your skillset. Our biggest asset is ourselves.”

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